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Intelligent Diva single Sexy Walk lands on the DRT Charts and the Cashbox Magazine Music Charts!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Sexy Walk lands on the Top 150 DRT Chart and Cashbox Magazine Music Chart

Intelligent Diva teams up with Voice Actor Jashua Kenner

Intelligent Diva released the single Sexy Walk last year in 2020. Her goal was to release the single with the marketing strategy that it would be used for events associated with fashion, modeling and clothing. Also it's a great song which demonstrates a woman able to walk with confidence. Intelligent Diva states that she calls taking a taking a trainer facilitation class and the instructor's feed back came to mind. The instructor advised her that when she walks in Intelligent Diva owns the room. She captures the audience and she engages them. Her walk was captivating, and not only seeing a beautiful women in front of an audience. It was a beautiful woman who captured the audience, and got every one engaged. She made learning fun. Therefore, Intelligent Diva had the idea in mind that every show needs a host. That's where voice actor Jashua Kenner came to mind. Jashua Kenner, is an inspiring voice actor and the deep voice of the gentleman you hear on her singles " Sexy Walk" and " I Like What I See".

Intelligent Diva wanted to captured the creativity of the voice actor to be the speaking voice of how man see's a woman walking across the room and he admires her walk. Intelligent Diva, wanted to make an entry way for the voice actor to showcase is talents to the world. She has heard his work and thinks it's amazing. It's a great thing she did. Now the single Sexy Walk is also featured in the movie Flint Tale, which is a drama about the water crisis in Flint Michigan as a featured song. The song fits perfectly, while women are walking in the mall shopping. The movie is currently on tour for the premiere and will be in select theaters and on streaming platforms in December 2021. In addition this, the single Sexy Walk is one of the top singles for Intelligent Diva and songwriter /voice actor Jashua Kenner. The single is currently on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Charts, and also on the Cashbox Magazine Music Chart. The single Sexy Walk was produced by SFR Beats. Intelligent DIva and Jashua Kenner are the performers on the song and also the writers.

The artist Intelligent Diva was excited to learn the single was featured on two charts. Intelligent DIva Music is an independent label under Musik and Film. The owner of Musik and Film notified the artist of the song being on the Cashbox Magazine Music Chart. Once the artist learned the history of Cashbox Magazine Music Chart, she stated this gave her the energy to want to continue music. She could see that her hard work was paying off. Keep up the good work Intelligent Diva and Jashua Kenner

What is Intelligent Diva Up To Next

Did you know that you can keep up with Intelligent Diva is up to next by following her on instagram @intelligentdivamusic. You can also check out her websites :Intelligent Diva Music and More - Home and check out her merchandise and accomplishments at Home | Intelligent Diva ( The sky is the limit.

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