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Intelligent Diva is a singer, rapper, songwriter, model , actress , director , producer and founder of Intelligent Diva Music.  She is building an empire in the independent music world. 

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Intelligent Diva is an independent artist from Jacksonville, Florida. The artist has a strong passion for the love of the artist. This consist of music, painting, poetry, songwriting and singing. The artist obtained her singing roots from church in the choir and also singing in the chorus. She also enjoyed writing where she won The First Coast Writers Festival. The artist decided that would establish a stable career first, and then step out into the entertainment world.


By combining all of her skillsets together she has started her own record label Intelligent Diva Music, which she releases all of her music under.


Within 1 year the artist has made the following made the following accomplishments. 

-Released 1Album Seduction,12 singles ,and 1 sound track.

-Obtained 2 film credits on IMDB with a Hollywood Director without an agent starring major actors .

-Received 1 WAM nomination for Best Latin Single

-Exceeded her goal 500k in streams on Spotify. She has 596k streams on Spotify , which she owns her masters, without a major label backing.

-Launched her own web series called Evolution of a Diva about her journey as an Indie Artist while educating other indie artist which generates a daily, monthly and yearly rate in earnings

-Her Topic You Tube Channel has a total of 158,274 views which contributes to a daily, monthly , and yearly rate in earnings. 

-Released 3 songs which are charting on the Top !00 World Indie Charts, and Top 100 Europe Indie Chart. The artist has 1 song which is charting on the DRT Global Top 200 for Indie Artist and is currently #6 on the IRMIX Top 20 Countdown.

-Intelligent DIva is has recorded 2 features which are scheduled upcoming releases with a major artist.


7643 Gate Parkway
Suite 104-1022
Jacksonville, FL 32256


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NewMusic Alert

Intelligent Diva has new single that will be released on June 8th, called "Sex to A Sax. I.D. has a love for musical instruments, and one of them is the saxophone. She focus on her music being having some diversity. Therefore, she teamed up with contemporary ,smooth jazz artist Aaron Bing to create a catchy jazz rap single. Save the date June 8th. This will be her first single to be released under the label Musik and Film.

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They say I'm talented. But it's about social media numbers on You Tube Now. It's no longer about talent.