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Meet Intelligent Diva 
Owner of IDM Merch Boutique

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Intelligent Diva is the CEO of two independent record labels Intelligent Diva Music and Diva Underground Records. In the entertainment industry, she's a singer, songwriter, lyricist,model,actress, mentor,  producer and artist manager.  Outside of the entertainment industry, she's a mom, sister, daughter because family is first and important. She's also a pioneer in information technology and entrepreneur. The music artist works in the corporate industry where she has learned to contribute her industry knowledge in several areas of expertise such as, contract law, seo, website development, management, project management, accounting, budgeting, marketing & advertisement, corporate training, and art, career,  development , journalism , art, hairstyling, and legal and regulatory compliance to the industry. The artist utilizes her own income to invest in the business and brand. But, she has launched her own merchandise website which is used to support the music projects executed.

Intelligent Diva - Topic

Intelligent Diva - Topic

Let's Turn It Up

Bad Attitude

Music Is Art (Podcast Outro Skit)

Listen to the projects which Intelligent Diva has been working on 

Virtual Show: Intelligent Diva has invested in joining the music metaverse where she has written the requirement specifications for the design of her own virtual stage. The stage will be used as a virtual talk show, where the independent artist can also perform across the globe. There will be also be virtual fashion shows held. The show is called Diva's Underground, which is trademarked under the Intelligent Diva brand.  Having a virtual platform to host your own show is very cost effective for an independent artist. The artist will be launching her own virtual tour on the show which will take you on a musical virtual journey. It's designed to allow artist across the globe to be able to perform. Viewers will be able to watch from across the globe. 

3d Animated video: The music artist is a tech geek by trade who loves animation and gaming. Naturally, the music artist would want to include everything that's a representation of what she loves.  The music artist released a new single called User. User is a single creating awareness about people using others for their own personal gain by using emotional manipulation. This is something very close to Intelligent Diva which she has been victim of, and also witnessed.  The music artist is creating a 3d animated video for the  new single User which will be released in middle of June.

Udemy Training Courses for Independent Artist: The music artist has documented the requirements and submitted them for development of training course for independent artist on how to start their own record label and treat it like a business. The artist will be launching a new module to build on the training course, every quarter. 

New NFT Physical Merchandise: The music artist has created  her first single using her  own NFT  cover art for the new single User. The music artist is a huge fan of original art and original music. Also, fashion, accessories, and home decor. Therefore, the music artist is taking her original artwork and selling the merchandise under our NFT Collection. The collection list is under the Intelligent Diva Trademark . The merchandise is being sold under our website. We have separated the merchandise lines where you can see our merchandise under the Intelligent Diva NFT collection . We have several traits and characteristics which will be launched. Currently, the focus is on User spreading the awareness around emotional manipulation. We are working on our self love line right now as we speak.

New Video Game: We are currently working on a video Game called User which under the intelligent Diva trademark featuring the game characters Intelligent Diva and the User. 

What does all of this have in common? All of these are projects we currently have in flight in support of music releases and will also help other music artist. This also has help to create jobs for freelancers and contractors across the globe. We  use the proceeds earned from these projects to putback into the business, where we can help other artist to become successful and treat their music like a business.



7643 Gate Parkway
Suite 104-1022
Jacksonville, FL 32256


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