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The Full Story

IDM Merch Boutique's Vision of 

IDM Merch Boutique, founded by Intelligent Diva, is more than just a merchandise store. It embodies a vision of success that aims to transcend boundaries .


One of the goals of Intelligent Diva is to produce original designs inspired by the music of the artist which can help them to establish a brand. Original art based on their own ideas , which has a story behind their passion. For me, I love fashion, books, art, music, makeup, home goods and technology. Naturally all products under the IDM Store are reflection of me based on my creativity. We are setting stage for smaller independent artist to generate more income on global platforms.  Your music is distributed globally, and your merchandise and products will have the same ability.  With every purchase this allows you to create a potentional source of income outside of music. While at the same time become a globally brand.



As an independent artist and entrepreneur, we might not have the same funding as a major label or large corporation.  We have the corporate and industry knowledge to use the similar practices. We have the freedom to be creative and to select a strategy that will work for us.  The inspiration is our passion. Our vision is to have to our stores have more business to business partnerships.

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