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Intelligent Diva's Wall of Success

As an indie artist , it's very hard to make it in the industry without a major label. As an artist I have heard that an indie artist isn't can't get played on FM radio

Then you have the rejection by major labels stating you need to have high social media. Therefore, as an artist and label I have decided to stay independent. We must work hard in order for other labels and radio to take us serious. As a music artist and CEO, I have allowed myself to go through the process first. I have fully invested into both of my labels and all of the projects by working two jobs just to fund it. I have even sold items to be able to put into the foundation and structure of it. We have even taken losses. Losses which allowed others to earn money but, we didn't earn money. We earned knowledge and met goals. Because each time we lost. The lost was due to advice given based on the old way of how the music industry worked. We didn't earn any money or awards, It's not about money all of the time. It's about building your foundation to make sure that it

solid. Your structure must be solid to hold up for the future earnings that are about to come. Once we revamped that's when we started to see the things that we didn't have accomplished .  We started to see the radio stations playing our music on FM,AM, and BDS stations when they said it was impossible. We had two singles to hit the Billboard Chart in two different genres. We even had an artist we manage to hit the Billboard Chart with his first single.  All because we understand there is enough room at the table for every artist to eat. Artist should be allowed to use all of their skillsets in order earn multiple streams of income.  We are not afraid to teach them the business, so they can well rounded in the entertainment industry.  Your purchases help me to help others.



One of the goals of Intelligent Diva is to make the songwriter hall of fame and to become a billboard artist. The goal is to produce original quality music and products under the Intelligent Diva trademark, where we become a successful independent global brand. Intelligent has accomplished two of these tasks by becoming a 3x Billboard artist. Selling charting hit songs globally and now her merchandise is being sold globally in multiple countries.  . 



As an independent artist and entrepreneur, we might not have the same funding as a major label or large corporation.  We have the corporate and industry knowledge to use the similar practices. We have the freedom to be creative and to select a strategy that will work for our budget which allows us to original music and original merchandise global. Our brand focuses on selling original music, digital products and merchandise globally. 

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