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Intelligent Diva's Wall of Fame 

As an indie artist , it's very hard to make it in the industry without a major label. As an artist I have heard that an indie artist isn't can't get played on FM radio

Then you have the rejection by major labels stating you need to have high social media. Therefore, the artist has decided to stay independent where she works multiple jobs and runs an online merchandise store to fund her music , and film

projects. So far the artist has had 7 songs to chart this year. 1 nomination for the Best latin single on the W.A.M. awards. She earned 2 film credits , and now she's is a

grammy contender.



One of the goals of Intelligent Diva is to make the songwriter  hall of fame. In order  do this, the goal is to keep on producing original quality music, Hopefully the  listeners will keep supporting us. 



As an indie artist, I might not have the same funding to pay as much as they do. But, I have the corporate and industry knowledge to use the similar practices. I have the freedom to be creative and to select a strategy that will work for an indie artist who runs a self funded businesss with corporate business practices. Therefore, I can produce a quality  product because I love music. I want to sign other artist and show them how they can be an indie artist and entrepreneur with long term success while earning a profit.  Believe in yourself and invest in yourself.